Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Kristen Perdue
Internet Marketing
August 7, 2007

Article Link: http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-6200935.html

Job hunters hire experts to clean up online image

New companies are emerging that can help job hunters clean up their online profile. According to the article, “Various surveys have shown that employers are using online searches to check out potential candidates, especially as some of the early Internet surfers become bosses themselves.” Information can be found on Google searches, blog entries, or even Facebook.com. While the number of employers using search engines or social networking sites in the hiring process is low, these numbers are still significant enough to not be overlooked. If there are even a few employers out in the business world not hiring people based on internet findings, then it is important to cleanup your profile.
In the application process, sometimes the Internet can work to your advantage, and other times to your disadvantage. The goal is to have your online profile work in a positive way for you. The first step recommended in the cleanup process is to Google your name and see if it pulls up any undesirable blog entries. If so, then you need to cleanup your profile. In order to do this, new technology is emerging to help. Companies like ReputationDefender.com will search your name beyond Google and give reports on their findings. Then if necessary, the company will do a cleanup ensuring links will not appear during an online search. Another company, DefendMyName.com, services both individuals and employers. The founder Rob Russo stated, “Online searching has taken on an essential role in the corporate world when people are scouting new employees. It is becoming an actual part of the hiring process along with a criminal background check.” This is why it is essential that you have a professional online profile.
As far as relating this article to class, it does address the topic of new Internet technology. Even more importantly, it addresses an issue that is crucial to everyone sitting in our classroom. I was unaware that employers were able to check things like Facebook.com during the hiring process, and I am sure others are as well. Almost everyone in our class is getting ready to graduate and step out into the business world. We all need to know that whatever we post on the Internet can be found by anyone who looks hard enough. What might have been okay for friends to see in college may not be acceptable to future employers. We put so much time in preparing for our interviews, but may overlook an issue like our online profile. This article is a reminder that we must not ignore things we post on the internet.
I also think this article relates to marketing yourself. When you market yourself it is the same as advertising or selling yourself to your employer. Having appropriate pictures and information on sites like Facebook.com is an excellent way to market yourself. You can use the Internet to your advantage. For example, if an employer was to look at your profile and see pictures of you overseas they might come to the conclusion you are a well-rounded individual. It is always important to be one step ahead of your competition, and having a good online profile could be that something extra you need.

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