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Flickr and The Video Launch

Christi Jalovec
Internet Marketing
Extra Credit

Flickr and The Video Launch

“Flickr and The Video Launch” is an article that discusses the use of technology to conveniently upload pictured on users personal computers. In the years past, people used to disposable cameras to print personal pictures to place in photo albums. Today, there is a large variety of digital cameras, PDA’s, and cell phones where people can upload pictures onto their personal computers and the Internet. With the widespread popularity of online photo galleries, Facebook/ Myspace, and web pages, the variety in the use of pictures has expanded.

Yahoo has hosted Flickr since 2005. Yahoo decided to shut down “Yahoo Pictures” and replace it with the use of the newly improved Flickr. Yahoo’s Pro members will have access to larger picture uploads. Free members will be able to use Flickr but will have less perks from the system. This may distract free users fro the system since they may feel they cannot upload the same sized pictures as the Pro members.

Flickr has been compared to Google’s YouTube, but with YouTube’s success it is questionable if Flickr will be able to catch up to its infinite number of views and popularity. It hopes to attract new users with features such as being capable to hold pictures and video in the same place. This way users will have less complicated time in uploading their pictures and/or videos.

The article was good at explaining how Yahoo wants to attract new users to Flickr but it could have explained how to use the service. Yahoo would be able to attract more users if the users had more knowledge about how to use Flickr. People who use YouTube may not be as willing to convert to Flickr since they are so familiar with YouTube, even though Flickr has the option of keeping their pictures and videos in the same place.

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Comcast testing Internet traffic management system in Virginia

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E-marketing class Beware the Viral Movie Campaign

John Doyle
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Before I go into the article let me establish what viral marketing is. Viral Marketing is a promotion that, either by design or accident, catches on with internet users or is passed from one to the other, multiplying the effectiveness of the original distribution. This article is about how viral marketing can potentially ruin a movie before the release of it. The author discusses her obsession with wanting to see the Iron Man movie, and how she saw every advertisement/ trailer made for the movie. She becomes infatuated with the movie trailer and tells everyone she runs into about where they get annoyed with her. She couldn’t stop watching and looking that she began to wonder if she will get burned out before the movie appeared in theatres. The movie used some cross branding to exploit the new hit movie. Using Lg mobil and the Audi car company which I believe are found in the film. I believe Viral marketing eventually can become exhausting by the extra information, and she said to use a tip from the maxim magazine which is to “hold a little back.” Being that I’m not big into going to the movie theatre I didn’t realize till now that there have been viral campaigns that I couldn’t stand. For some movies they tend to over do it. Please write back to give me your experience with viral marketing!!!

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Internet Failure hits 2 continents. Extra Credit!

Ashley Giannini
January 31, 2008

In class a couple weeks ago we spoke about the under the sea cable that was damaged. This cause many businesses to be at a standstill and left many people to cope without the internet. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain Pakistan and India, are all experiencing problems. There is not a full understanding of what happened to the undersea cables but it is though to be from a boat anchor. Some countries have backup satellites in case of something like this happening but the backup is not up to date so it is leaving many people frustrated with how slow it is. The failure of the cable is a major ordeal because it is the communiation line between Europe and the Middle East.

The head of an Egyptian Internet service provider called the situation a "wake-up call" for the region, which he said is too dependent on underground lines and does not have a strong enough back-up system. This allows much room for improvement and maybe is a good thing becuase it gets people to realize something needs to be done about this problem. With technology, no one should depend on only one source for the internet. As we all know, when you need the internet or technology the most is when it will fail and you must be prepared for a backup. The article stated from when the time this incident happened, it may take up to a couple weeks to fix. That is no good for business who rely on the internet as their income. Imagine not getting paid for 2 weeks. Some businesses will be effected more than others, but for the ones going paycheck to paycheck will be getting a rude awakening, and may even go under.

Along with the internet being disrupted, the article stated there problems with TV and phone lines as well. In this day in age, our community without phone, TV, or internet is a nightmare. Coping with that would be hard, but not long ago this was how life was. It makes people realize how good they have it living in this time era, and just how much innovation there has been in technology recently!

e-marketingclass: Botnet attacks military systems

Angela Palagyi
Kent State University
Bonus Paper
June 6, 2008

"Security researchers have discovered a complex spamming scheme that hijacks PCs in order to attempt to send junk mail via university and military systems.”
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