Monday, July 26, 2010

What To Call It - E-Networking or Social Networking?

An E-Marketing Summary on the Personal and Professional Networking Through Social Media

For many businesses, the term social-networking is something that makes them cringe. They have tried to wait out the storm of the social networking trend that includes such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; hoping and believing that the practice would be phased out for something new and that the trend would shift. Several of these companies also view social networking as a negative unproductive practice. Many companies are in the process of banning the use of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They view these social networking tools as disruptive technologies that hinder productivity in the work environment.

Part of this behavior may be due, in part, to the name that we have given the act of “Tweeting”, updating status, and networking online with other people- “social networking”. For many businesses, the name itself implies that there is only a social use for these tools. It implies that these tools take away from an employee’s productive time at work. There are arguments posed that the term social networking should not be used, and should be replaced with a more business-like implication. Adopting terms such as ‘e-Networking’ and ‘B-Netting’ seem to have a better reference to the productivity these tools can bring to organizations.

The fact seems to be forming that these disruptive technologies are not only evolving and growing, but are becoming an essential component to the way that companies do business and interact within the global environment. Many businesses that have not yet adopted the use of these technologies risk being left behind in the dust. These tools now enable HR department’s access to the best candidates, and also allow for company-critical communications across the globe to be reached by millions of people. These technologies also allow job seekers to follow industry leaders and avoid being stuck blindly submitting resumes along with thousands of other people.

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With Kindle, the Best Sellers Don't Need to Sell

The introduction of e-readers such as the Kindle to the world has revolutionized the publishing industry. The question of ways to encourage growth in this industry have been challenging to answer and publishers continue to disagree on what are the best ways to resolve this problem. One solution that has been effective is allowing users to download free e-books from emerging authors.

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B-Schools All A-Twitter Over Social Media

As social media moves more mainstream, traditional MBA educations becomes more obsolete. So, like any good organization, the schools need to accept the change, and make it work for them, not against them.

It's hard to tell a student you have prepared them accordingly for the current job market if your courses aren't teaching them skills needed for some of the fastest growing and highest paying careers. So, like Canisius College has done by offering an e-marking class, the top 30 MBA programs have begun to offer classes in online marketing and social media.

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