Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Extra Credit by Eric Ardo

Here is a little interesting new application being introduced by Slingpage. Follow this link to find out more http://eardo17.googlepages.com/home

Heres the link to the article

Metered Internet Usage

In class we talked about different ways to resolve the bandwidth issues that are starting to surface with the current Internet infrastructure. We came up with several candidate solutions that included technical, political and market-driven components. Among the least popular, from a consumer's perspective anyway, was the notion of metering Internet access. Many believed consumers wouldn't go for this but, what if they/we don't have a choice? Time Warner Cable is testing metered access in Texas. Some speculate that this is the beginning of a trend while others argue that consumers will seek out alternative options. Either way, the infrastructure needs to be updated and someone has to pay...will it be you?