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Intel and Mobile Possibilities (e-marketingclass)

Intel is a company that prides itself on the innovation and speed of its processors.  It has changed the way the PC is thought of and now it is changing the way mobile devices are thought of.  Read and see how Intel is adapting to the mobile world.  

e-marketingclass: Microsoft Offers Rebates to Shoppers Using Its Search

Angela Palagyi
May 28,2008

Below is a link to my blog about how Microsoft and its new Live Search cashback program are allowing consumers to recieve cashback for purchases they make online

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Topic paper 2 for e-marketingclass

Online Ads to go Hi-def

Follow the link below to read topic paper 2 (for e-marketing class) about the emergence of hi-def online advertising powered by Adobe Flash Player 9.

Original Article published 28 April 2008 on

Nathan Bair

Business Software and Customer Relationship Management Systems - Why Your Business Needs Them

Joe Trbovich

As we discussed in class customer relationship management is becoming essential for companies to stay on top of their competition. CRM programs enable businesses to access and manage customer information. Whether information is being shared amongst a large group, such as in a call center or simply in a small business, it has to be accurate and reliable. In order to retain customers, their information needs to be recorded securely and correctly. This customer data will be used down the road to generate revenue.

CRM systems can significantly reduce wasted time and increase sales. Sending emails to clients, entering vital information, and other crucial steps are automated with popular CRM applications to reduce wasted time of manually performing these tasks. This enables employees to spend more time creating new business.

With tools in CRM applications, your company can effectively improve Workflow by targeting prospects for new business and retaining existing customers for repeat business. This is a crucial tool to reduce wasted time and eliminate bothering the wrong customers. CRM applications will provide you with ways to communicate to customers such as email marketing campaigns. Your CRM will make it easier to target the right customers with detailed email. Newsletters via the internet can also be an effective way to reach your potential customers.
The answer to the problems associated with the expanding global workforce is through Web Collaboration technologies. This means operating a successful CRM and Business Software system for your company.

By implementing the right CRM strategy for your company you will be able to work smarter, more effeciently, and more effectively.

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Inside MySpace's War on Marketing Abuse

For anyone that has a MySpace account you know the annoyance that is spam. Many will log into thier account to find they have inadverently been sending out advertising messages to all of their friends. It has been an ongoing battle with......

Are Google Ads Being Clicked Less?

Jags Bains
Are Google Ads Being Clicked Less?
The big question that Google has had to face is if they are on the verge of a major downfall. Google stock has dropped to an all time low with a report from comScore, a research firm, linking it to the decrease in advertisement clicks from last year to this year..,.

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