Monday, July 30, 2007

The Importance of Blogs

Here is an article that discusses the importance of blogs. While some do not believe that they are an effective direct marketing tool, they do have a place in today's marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing

Here is an article that discusses the value of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in the B2B market.

Issues Related to an Open Facebook

Interesting article in the news today that highlights one of the many issues Facebook must deal with now that it has opened itself up to the rest of the world. Myspace has encountered similar problems in the past. What can be done about this? What does this do to the attractiveness of such sites from a consumer's perspective? What about a marketer's perspective?

Yet another important topic for our e-marketingclass. No, this is not a typo..."e-marketingclass" is the keyword we're trying to become recognized on the search engines for (hence the name, " Be sure to include this keyword (spelled the same way) on your posts and other sites that reference this one.