Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome MBA 638 Students!

I am glad to see that (nearly) everyone was able to post to the class blog...we're off to a good start! As mentioned in class, the purpose of this blog is to co-create knowledge on the topic of internet marketing by sharing articles/insights that we come across throughout the course. In doing so, we will also build up a repository of content related to our keyword "e-marketingclass" that we are trying to optimize for. Don't worry, we'll cover Search Engine Optimization in more depth later. But, for now, it's important to remember that we want search engines to recognize our blog as a relevant resource for people searching for the term "e-marketingclass" and rank us high in their search results.

As you know, I expect everyone to post their first assignment to this blog by Tuesday (7/13) to improve our chances that search engines will pick our new content up before the course ends in early August (keep your fingers crossed). If you've already found an article or topic that you want to write about, great. If not, I would like to see some thoughtful postings about what disruptions that internet has caused/will cause to businesses or industries. To get you thinking, you might consider checking out PC World's article on things the internet has/has not ruined or this blog post. Please venture outside the topics listed here and choose something that has impacted you personally or a company you work(ed) for. You can also pick something we discussed in class (e.g., the "splinternet", how consumers are gaining more control, etc.).

For this first assignment, be sure to mention our keyword "e-marketingclass" in the body and also include links to other articles/websites that you use to do your write-up.

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Pellia said...

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But companies are not taking this lightly and are looking for ways to change the rules of the game again. This second article:, explain how companies are deploying different techniques to control how their products are presented and priced online.