Thursday, July 8, 2010

Competition Announcement - Antkeg Remi

In addition to optimizing our class blog, we will be having a friendly competition to see who among us can secure the highest ranking for the (made up) phrase "Antkeg Remi". The word "e-marketing" was jumbled using the Wordsmith Anagram site to create a fictitious phrase that does not yet yield any results when searching  via Google (have not yet confirmed this to be true across all the other search engines but I assume this to be the case elsewhere).

Your goal is to have a website or blog of yours returned in the top search engine results. A similar contest was held several years ago but ours won't be on such a large scale. Of course the prize for the winner will be (VERY) modest.

You are free to partner up with a couple other students if you'd like but please keep your group size to no more than four students total.


Corey said...

I found an Ant Keg Remi !

Sarah Matrak said...

My blog:

Shaun M said...

Learn all about Antkeg Remi here!