Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eyes Have It

by Marian Hetherly
e-marketingclass contributor

As a marketer, wouldn’t you love to know what really goes on in the minds of your customers? Of course you would, but maybe their eyes would be more telling. There’s no doubt that a new era of eye tracking has begun. Marketers are now faced with the challenge of developing a better understanding of the data it produces and making good use of it.

Eye tracking is a groundbreaking new way to monitor brainwaves and responses of individuals. The process involves the use of a device, such as a video camera or sensor, for measuring eye positions and movements. The technology has been available to marketers for some years, but it has traditionally taken days or even weeks to receive reports.

Today, eye-tracking reports are available almost immediately and being used to demonstrate returns on investments. The promise is that marketers will be able to meet the deep-down genuine, unspoken needs of consumers at a level of accuracy never before possible and without spending a fortune.

Read more about eye tracking on wnyfastlane.blogspot.com.

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